Telephone Operator (code : DS-TO)

Job Desk  and  Responsibilities

Provide telephone operator services that comply with Company’s regulations and procedures.

* Provide telephone services which includes but not limited to the followings:

1. Coordinating & organizing incoming and outgoing calls.
2. Log all calls activities
3. Relay & ensure messages reach to appropriate persons

* Provide telephone services in emergency situation:

1. Carry out relevant telephone services such as coordinating incoming and outgoing calls, get the required details, identify problems and issues, identify the need of assistance, contact proper Company’s responsibility person or emergency team to respond and take necessary actions. Ensure all messages reach the appropriate person.
2. Interrupt users call if necessary for emergency request.
3. Follow up responses or contact the callers to ensure that proper assistance has been provided.

* Carry out other Telephone Services
* Setup Virtual Telephone Operator Service

General Qualification :

* Male/Female Maks  30 year old
* Fluent in English; both oral and writing
* High School (prioritized from SMK) Diploma or Bachelor’s degree
* Working knowledge of Phone Operator
* Knowledge of relevant call tracking applications
* Knowledge of customer service practices
* Related experience and training will noted
* Local resources prioritized
* Work location in Rumbai

Key Competencies

* Oral and written communication skills
* Learning skills
* Customer service orientation
* Responsive
* Attention to detail
* Stress tolerance

Pleased email your CV and recent photograph to: ibuitsd@netmarks.co.id

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